Department of Biomedical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering
(852) 3400 8898
MB.BS, M.Med.Sc., Ph.D.

Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor

Dr. Chunyi Wen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Manching Au

                     I got my bachelor's degree from HKUST and started my PhD study in PolyU. My current research interest is the interplay between endothelin system and osteoarthritis, particularly on the role of endothelin receptor subtypes in cartilage homeostasis. In my free time, I like reading fictions, listening to music and enjoying life with my family and friends.

Research Assistant

Chan Lok Man, Jenny

BSc in Biotechnology,
Hong Kong Science and Technology University
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Bachelor of Engineering in Food Science and Engineering, South China Agricultural University

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering,
The Hong Kong Polytechnics University

Research Assistant

Xiaoqing Kuang

Postgraduate Student

Karen Ching

Master of Philosophy (Year 1), University of Hong Kong

                   I enjoy my life with science, nature and music. Researches make me understand the mystery of life; nature shows me the vitality of life; music enables me to feel life. I like to go on adventure in nature and feel the world afterwork. Sometimes I also immerse myself in music. It gives me some me-time to blank out and reflect on myself. Keep in mind that life is enjoyable and don't forget to live the moment!

B.S. in Life Science, National University of Singapore
MSc student, PolyU BME

Postgraduate Student

Zou Zhou

Postgraduate Student

Yuqi Zhang

Bachelor of Science, Department of Biomedical Engineering, South University of Science and Technology, China
MPhil student, PolyU BME
PhD candidate, PolyU BME

Postgraduate Student

Xiaohe Luo

Material Science, South University of Science and Technology, China
PhD candidate, PolyU BME

Undergraduate Student

Tony Som Chak Hin 

Year 4 P&O Student, PolyU BME

Undergraduate Student

Toby Li

Year 4 P&O Student, PolyU BME

Undergraduate Student


Year 3 P&O Student, PolyU BME

Undergraduate Student

Jiang Yue

Exchange student, PolyU BME
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Our Moments


Lab Alumni

Adrian Weber

Dr. med.

Working at Department of General Surgery in Hospital Wolhusen


                     Hi! I'm Matthew! Currently studying my undergraduate degree.  I like reading books, watching movies, and playing badminton.  
I enjoy deep chats about philosophy and exploring more of who we are as people outside my academic study in biomedical engineering. I grew up and lived in Manila in the Philippines for much of my life and being in Hong Kong has made me appreciate much more of cultural difference and ethnic traditions! I love travelling, exploring and getting lost as long as I find my way back!

Research Assistant

Matthew Choco