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Dr. Chunyi Wen 

MB.BS, M.Med.Sc., Ph.D.

Principal Investigator,

Associate Professor,

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Wen connects orthopedic surgeons with biomedical engineers to develop a novel artificial intelligence-based precision medicine approach in a unique southern Chinese knee osteoarthritis patients cohort. With a newly established smart ageing hub in PolyU BME, Dr. Wen dreams to extend his work from hospital, clinic setting to the community service.

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Postgraduate Student (MPhil)
Jiang TianShu


Undergraduate Student (FYP)
Selwyn Sze

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Postgraduate Student (MPhil)
Andy Tam

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Undergraduate Student (FYP)
Joffy Lau

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Postgraduate Student (MSc)
Chai YuLiang


Postgraduate Student (MPhil)
Justin Chan

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Postgraduate Student (MPhil)
Toby Li

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Postgraduate Student (MPhil)
Anson Ng

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Au Man Ting

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Postgraduate Student (MSc)
Liu Jun

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Marianne Lauwers

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Postgraduate Student (MPhil)
Karen Ching

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Postdoctoral Fellow
Nathan Lai


Postgraduate Student (PhD)
Ni JunGuo

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Postgraduate Student (PhD)
Xiaohe Luo


Postgraduate Student (PhD)
Yingkun Cui

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Postgraduate Student (PhD)
Zou Zhou

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Undergraduate Student (URIS)
Lanlan Zhang

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Postgraduate Student (PhD)
Yuqi Zhang

  • Adrian Weber Dr. med., working at General Surgery Department of Hospital Wolhusen

  • Boris Chan MPhil, currently MSc in UBC architecture

  • Chan Lok Man, Jenny, BSc in Biotechnology, HKUST

  • Cheung Kin Ching

  • Dr. Liu, Zhongyu, Orthopaedic surgeon in Sun Yat-Sen University, GuangZhou

  • Ge Xinda, RA in CityU

  • Harjot Kambo

  • Jiang Yue

  • Ni Ruiyan, Raven, PhD Candidate of University of Toronto, Medical Biophysics

  • Pu Aoyang, PhD candidate in CityU

  • Som Chak Hin, Tony, Year 4 P&O student, BME, PolyU

  • Vivienne Wong, currently PhD in Marine Biology, HKUST

  • Zicor Chen Ph.D., Candidate of University of Toronto